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October 2nd & 3rd



At Marseilles, sport is in the heart of the city.
The city has developed an innovative sports policy around the economy, the hosting of major events, social inclusion and territorial lay out.

Marseilles is an attractive city. After being designated “European Capital of Culture” in 2013, Marseilles wishes a new challenge. Within the candidacy of the city to become “European Capital of Sport” in 2017, it has been decided to organize a Forum for the Territorial Development and Attractiveness by Sport. This Forum concerns the Euro-Mediterranean and Francophone zones. 

The event will take place on October 2 & 3 2014, at the convention center «Palais du Pharo» in Marseilles, during the visit of the Evaluation Committee of the application.



The objective is showing how territories can deal with development issues through sport.
The Euromed Sport Forum must become the convergence point of public sector actors, of the sports movement, and of the economic and academic world. The development and attractiveness of territories is a major issue.

For 2 days, all of these actors will have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, discuss and develop new strategies through sport.
The event is organized around six conferences, participatory roundtables, exhibition spaces and a networking area.



The agency FairPlay Conseil and PwC commit themselves for Marseille. At the initiative of the Euromed Forum Sport, these two companies, specialized in counseling, have gathered their strengths and specialties to create a unifying event.

It is because territorial development is so closely linked to sport, that a professional and international event was to bring together all the actors and decision-makers of these fields.